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Taraz Metrology Ltd specialises in the development, assembly, supply, and maintenance of high-precision digital metrology solutions. We use a range of cutting-edge technologies to provide accurate measurements and data analysis.

Based in Nottingham, our facilities serve as a showcase for various digital metrology methods. We invite you to visit our offices to experience first-hand the capabilities and benefits of our advanced metrology solutions.

At Taraz Metrology, we have the expertise to develop new digital metrology techniques tailored to meet your specific application requirements. We collaborate closely with renowned research institutions and manufacturing companies, in the aerospace, automobile and various other industries, to drive innovation and ensure the highest level of performance and reliability.

Our company is committed to providing comprehensive support for all your metrology needs. We offer expert guidance and a wide range of equipment solutions, including fringe projection systems, photogrammetry systems and hybrid measurement systems. With our recommendations and supply services, you can confidently equip your organisation with the right tools for accurate in-line and off-line measurements.


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