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Taraz Metrology is a dynamic technology company that emerged from the prestigious University of Nottingham in 2018. Our team consists of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds in research, engineering, and commercialization. Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional product development solutions for our valued customers.

With a strong foundation in academic research and access to cutting-edge technologies, our team is well-equipped to tackle complex challenges in the field of metrology. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and developing unique solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Richard Henshell


Richard, an accomplished professional, brings a wealth of experience as a director and part owner of ten technology-based companies in six countries. Additionally, he holds the prestigious title of Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham. His global business acumen and expertise make him a valuable asset to our organization.


Professor Richard Leach

Chief Executive Officer

Richard is a renowned expert in measurement science and a Professor at the esteemed University of Nottingham. With a track record of developing cutting-edge solutions for real-world challenges, his expertise drives our success and shapes the future of the industry.


Waiel Elmadih

Managing Director

An expert in metrology with a proven track record in developing cutting-edge solutions, they excel at tackling complex challenges and delivering exceptional results. Their leadership and expertise drive our success in the field of measurement science.

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Stuart Mansfield

Hardware Engineer

Meet Stuart, our accomplished Hardware Engineer, driving innovation and surpassing industry standards with cutting-edge solutions. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for pushing boundaries propel our company's growth and success.


Qian Kai Loh

Software Engineer

Kai is our talented Software Engineer specializing in fringe projection technology and is proficient in C++. With a wealth of experience, he and his team develops innovative solutions that push the boundaries of measurement science, driving our company's success in delivering cutting-edge solutions.


Wenyan Qi

Software Engineer

Wenyan is our skilled Software Engineer proficient in point cloud processing, website development, and Python. Her expertise brings valuable insights and technical prowess to our team, ensuring high-quality solutions that exceed client expectations.


Sean Lau Yu Xuan

Software Engineer

Sean is our accomplished Software Engineer specializing in C#, UI design, and photogrammetry. With exceptional skills in these areas, they contribute to our team's success in delivering immersive and accurate measurement solutions.

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