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Taraz places high emphasis on a well-maintained metrology software. Part of our offering is bespoke metrology software for in-process surface and form monitoring. We work along side the manufacturer to understand their measurement, analyses, speed and output requirements to create simple push button solution for their specific requirements. Whether it is a moving belt, an extrusion, a CNC machine or any other 3D measurement need, we have you covered.


All software developed by Taraz are taken on with the same standards. Strict specifications requirements will be made before a project starts to ensure that the application is robust, intuitive and simple to operate. 

The software products will utilise a powerful metrology software engine that Taraz has been extensively developing, Taraz Engine. It is implemented in C++ to have quick calculation and response time.

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Taraz Sharp Characterisation.JPG
Taraz Sharp 27_11_2023 11_33_36_edited.png
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